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The 4th emergency service
Darrenof Guildford has published this review about Support  working for Childline  and  Childline  has been emailed a link to  in order to give them the right of reply


Its a crying shame these people or this organisation did not exist when I was a 15 year old child in 1985. From my perspective they really would have been the 4th emergency service. I was being sexually abused by a housemaster in boarding school. Google Berrow Wood School and you will get the idea. It was a nightmare that left me really rather damaged and unable to trust anybody, see

Obviously today things are different and a child can just pick up the phone and can talk to a qualified person who can give advice and has the support of a large organisation who are in it for the children. I've never met Esther Ranson but for what she has done for children she really deserves a medal!