What a great school

A story on Guildford Grove Primary School (www.guildfordgrove.surrey.sch.uk/) by Derrick Warnett

So it came time to choose a secondary school when my eldest son turned 10 or 11 and I made the mistake of judging a school by its league tables. In short we moved house in order to get our children into a school the other side of Guildford. IT WAS A DISASTER! My eldest son is a touch autistic and the new school really did not have a clue. Within 2 months of starting this new school I had a teacher in the new school falsely accuse me of child abuse and a social worker tell me CAMHS who had not even met the lad were suggesting he should be in care.

I found myself in tears in Guildford Grove asking for their help, I mean to say their head dropped everything to help me and my son and his prior teacher was in a meeting with my son's scout leader at the new school within 72 hours. The stress of dealing with this put me in a mental hospital and ended my marriage because the new school refused to even make a phone call for my son. Mrs Collett I think was the head at the time and really she and his prior class teacher were great: see http://www.lifeafterchildabuse.com



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