Very good doctors!

A story on Guildown Group Practice ( by Derrick Warnett

Anybody who has suffered with mental illness or seen a member of their family suffer the same should understand that you really need a doctor who knows what they are doing with a bit of compassion too. I think there are few parents who have not had problems with their children at some point. I'm no different not so much problems my children but my sons new school who really did not have a clue when it came to an autistic child.

Within 2 months they had falsely accused me of abusing the lad, fed their ideas to a social worker without a clue who told me CAMHS the child mental health care people were suggesting without even meeting him or me that he should be in care. I was by the time both the school and social worker refused despite my 6 requests to make a simple phone call for the lad very ill. I needed a good doctor and lucky for me I had one Dr Hennel;(retired now) but I really would like to thank both her and the practice for their support. see


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