Typical dating scam

A story on The Mary Dating Scam (www.google.com) by Quentin West

This was done via some dating app. What you do is go to google images as soon as you get a picture and do a search for other sites the image appears in. If its a scam the chances are you'll find others reporting on it.

hello how are you doing today am Rita what about you
Missed call from coog
10 Jan, 06:08
hello babe
Missed call from coog
10 Jan, 06:37
Good morning Rita how's it going?
Oh okay Thanks Where are you from?
Leatherhead Surrey in the UK and you?
Oh okay Can I have your picture

Thank you very much
Nice to meet you on here...what is your full name and
how old are you
Quentin and 48
Nice to meet you and you have nice name by the way
my name is Jennifer and I 34 yes no kids am single
woman never been married
So where you from?
Am from US.A in ontario but now in Canada Ottawa
doing my volunter service as a nurse What is your age,
do you live alone and what is your work
I am looking for my soul mate and my right man can
want to married me in my life and can take care of
me in my life
Well that's what we all want is it not? Was married once
15 years 2 kids and it all went west. Don't know
if I'll ever do it again
Oh yes wow You are welcome
I need a serious love ?? in my life
And are you sure you are serious about me?
In ur Life?
Because I don’t want to laying in my life

I'm about as serious as it gets

I use to live in US.A in London hello way,and recently move
down to West Africa Ghana,Well I am a student and will soon
graduate to be a nurse.so am currently living in Canada, Ottawa
now. Hope the distance isn't something more expensive to deal
with as we can overcome the distance in a few seconds. also you
know what the lord has put together,no one can put in ascended,
as I don't mind to relocate to where i can have peace of mind,establish
my nurse hospital Will like to work with you as a business partner's,
Soul partners,Smile and laugh together to our satisfaction and to live
great as Husband and wife
Whats your Experience on this online dating so far
There are so many dodgy people out there fake profiles etc
Oh NO my love I'm very serious about this online dating,because I hope
I will find the right man for my Heart through this online dating that's why
I'm Here..And i want you to know that I'm not the Types of women who
usually come online Just for Playing Games or Breaking Heart..I do respect
myself very well,So I will not introduces myself In doing such things like that..
I will never do such harmful thing to you when we have much feelings for
each other,and I will never do nothing to Hurt your feelings that you have
for me,I will never do nothing to hurt you too..Never Would I, If i do
something to hurt you I will also Gain It some day..so I will Never
Attempt to Do that..
Why did you joined Online dating?
I want to fall in love for all the right reasons and I thought this might be a
good way to get started in finding my life partner. I have been alone and
single most of my life. It's hard to have a normal dating relationship under
these conditions
Well I after bringing up my children on my own for past 10 years know
very few single women and am looking for a relationship
Oh wow my love can you tell me more about your self
Oh yes Can I have your picture
Maybe later I'm off to work now
Oh okay why sorry and i am looking for my soul mate who can take good
care of me in my life amd i am not here to play games and not joking
How is your family
hello babe
Yes am here now
Are you going to talk to me or Not?
Missed call from coog
11 Jan, 13:14
How are you doing
Missed call from coog
12 Jan, 02:19
Missed call from coog
12 Jan, 02:27
Omg! You looking very Handsome,Amazing and Adorable man....
How long have you been on that dating site and How many
women have you chatted with s far ??
You there?
Why have you refuse to talk to me ever since our short little chat?
Missed call from coog
12 Jan, 08:14
Hey is there anything i said bad to you?
hello babe
Missed call from coog
12 Jan, 13:17
Am here now and hope all is well
Ahh good morning
Fine morning
How are you doing there now?
It's 5 30 and I've just got up. Waiting for the sun so I can continue
building my workshop
Oh i see,how i wish we are together now
I am hoping to meet the right man to relocate to him soon to share
our dream love
Sounds like a good plan. What are you up to today?
Yes will go to church and be back home to take care of cloths and
arrange my room and prepare for work on monday
What work do you do?
************************************************* I have made
enough to be looking to retire in a few months. I have property
I rent out that pays more than I earn at work.
Oh i see,that is sweet to hear and i cant wait to share the rest of my
life with you,Not that you have worth but because you have the
good qualities every woman deserve from a man
So do you stay alone ?
This year I'm staying with my mother as my dad died last year and
she is struggling so I'm building her an extension that she should be
able to rent out an annex on the side of her house
Oh i see and that is very good of you ,its important to take very good
care of your mother ,But do you have your personal build house you
use to live before coming to your mums place?
I have a 3/4 bedroom house that I have split up and rent rooms in
brings in about 2 grand a month
Oh i see and that is very good ,i can see you have a good living and
needs a woman soon to keep you company and take care of your
house holds coils
Yes i am a nurse and wish am there to also support you in taking care
of your mum when you away to work
She is just lonely right now and getting older and slower. I'm
divorced my kids have grown up so my being here works quiet well.
Yes i think so and please extend my greetings to her but i think
we must also plan to meet together soon
Or because you live with your mother so you not willing to meet me?
What do you look for in a man? Why would my living with my
mother have any effect on my wanting to meet a potential partner?
I am looking for right caring man who knows how to treat woman
with love and care,one who is willing to do anything to make me
happy and also satisfy me well in bed
Yes happy we can still meet together theo you live with your mother
Oh well sex love and respect is what makes any relationship.
Yes and i am very willing to do anything to make you happy too,
Your wish will be my commands and will stick to you in times of
any situations
I've had a haircut so look a little different now.

wow wow wow you look so handsome dear one
Thanks and you as you know are very pretty too

Thank you so much dear one and am so much happy
to meet you in my life
Yes dear ,so are you willing to support for us to meet
together someday?
Maybe ;)
Yes i will be so much greatful to you if should support
me to get my travel documents for us to meet together soon
You know i cant afford to take care of that alone
That's a shame because there are a lot of scams going
around where a couple talk together on the Internet for a
few days and then the bloke having been offered a very
pretty girl parts with his money for, for example a plain ticket
for the girl to be fake and a picture out of a magazine.
Shame if your not that person but many blokes over here
have been scammed in this way
Oh i see but i am not a scammer but a pretty lady living in
canada now
Moreover all the scammers i learnt are mostly in africa and
not here in canada
I'm not for one minute suggesting you are but I could be
talking to a teenager in London couldn't I. Now how could
you prove to me that your real?
Yes that is what am about to ask you ,what would you want
me to do for you to know am real before you can support me?
Tell me now and i am willing to do anything you ask from me
for sure
How about a picture of you with your left hand on your head?
Oh i see,is that the only thing you want from me before
you can trust to send me?
I didn't say that but it would go some way to prove you not
a picture out of a magazine
Oh ok then i promise to get those pics taking to send you
after talking to you
Will take like 3 style with my left hand holding my head ,is that ok?
Yes :)
Yes and after doing that for you ,Then i will also like you to send
me to renew my passport so we start from there ,and will show
you copy of my passport after renew
Will you do that for me after getting your pics requested?
Now that depends how good the pictures are.
Yes that are going to be a very real good taking pictures
of me as requested
I can even hold a sheet of paper and also write your name on top
of it with my left hand holding my head
Sounds good :) sorry no disrespect but there are so many scammers
out there. Your pretty and by some standards I'm not quiet so handsome
Yes that is true to say but i am real honest woman and will prove to
you my honest pictures
But also love has got nothing to do with handsomeness or
beauty,it depends the heart and will love and care for you no
matter how you look like
:) that's nice??the sun is coming up now so we'll speak later.
Have a good time until then
Yes nice talking to you too and take care of yourself till we
meet again
What time do we meet again to talk?
Should be back by my phone at 4pm this afternoon 9 1/2 hours
ok will check on you then
bye ??????
Missed call from coog
14 Jan, 10:48
Am here now and ready with what you ask from me to do
for you

A real girl with a leather jacket too hey very nice :)
Thank you so much dear one,how are you doing there now,
miss talking to you so much
Are you still there?
Missed call from coog
14 Jan, 16:38
Missed call from coog
14 Jan, 17:18
Good morning how are you today. Sorry I'm not ignoring
you I was out with the Scouts last night.
Yes i can trust tht and happy to meet you here once again
i miss talking to you so much dear one
I think it is good chatting with you too. Maybe we should
meet one day?
Yes dear love ,that is what i was trying to discuss with you
the other time
i really wish to be with you to share our sweet dream love
How would you define love?
love is to love and care for some one and willing to do
anything to please him or her till heavens come down
Sounds about right
Yes my dear one and hope you did like my pic you requested
from me so you now trust for us to meet?
Well it's 6am and I've just got up. Pic was great was rather
surprised to get it. Today I'm building more of my garden
out building. Should get up to the roof today.
Oh ok and happy to hear you did like my pic
i will like to see some sweet pics of you too
I'll take some later got to go now and take a shower and
have breakfast. Speak later have a good time until then :)
oh ok my dear and wish there to take a shower together
with you ,but now it is your turn to do for me my request
as we both decided
Do you remember my request ?
How are you doing there now my dear one?
In an hour taking a shower. Sorry not got any pic
yet but will follow soon
oh taught you have already gotten the my pic
Am talking about my request to support me renew my passport
Am not talking about your pics to send me
I know that. Supporting you getting a passport is nothing
£65 but let's assume I do this and then you need a plain ticket
to come and meet me £350who pays for that?
Yes we can share to pay that ticket cost because i will also be
getting some alllowance money after my service course
So i will be greatful if you should support me get my passport r
enew so we start from there
OK hypothetically speaking I pay your passport fee how
would you receive it PayPal bacs or another way?
Yes trough pay pal account my dear and i shall receive it here safely
How much is it and what email address do I use?
Yes i think 80pounds can do for me and can send trough
Must write it down for me dear one
OK I'll do it later or tomorrow morning. Got to go as having
dinner then going to pc World to buy a new pc
Oh ok thank for your understanding my dear friend
And i will be waiting to hear from you soon
Wish am there to go to the dinner with you and also to the pc
world with you
Am here now
Good evening or morning it's 12 15 am here
Miss talking to you so much
I've been busy today settling up new pc.
So what are you up to
oh i see,so are you on your new pc now
just to check on you if everthing is cool with you
and also find out if was able to send the 80pounds
No this is all via my mobile phone
oh ok
Not yet just had dinner and I'm in bed
Oh ok so can do that your time morning before work
Maybe but depends if I can get my mother off the new pc
oh you must get your mother on the new pc or off the new pc
And why do that before can send me?
Because its the only pc set for the Internet as I have wiped
the old pc and given it to one of the neighbours kids
oh ok
so you can try to send me in the morning ok
Expect so
ok my dear one,cant wait to renew my passport to start
my travel process to be with you
That will be good
yes my dear one and hope you will be happy to have me
there with you too
Well if your the one doing the travelling let's hope your
not disappointed :)
Oh really but how is that and why am i going to be
Just as much that you could be as scam I could be a n
asty bit of work too
Oh not at all,i am never a scam and not going to be
disappointed due to my honesty ok
Are you still doubting me dear one?
Anyway your email address shows no warnings and PayPal
is traceable but you hear about these things on the news all the
time. I was surprised you did the photo so clearly its a very
good scam or your genuine only time will tell
I'm up for a few quid to see
Yes am very genuine and not trying to scam you like you think
now ,i did not try to forge any photo but did send you my real
photo ,i feel bad you think that for me because i ask you to
support my passport fees

OK I'm not in bed
Oh ok
Taught you said you were in bed already
I lied just sent you £80
Oh really?
How did you do that,did bit shocking
It's easy to send money via PayPal enter an email
address press send
Yes i think so ,that is why you were smart to just
send me the 80pounds now
My mother thinks ill never hear from you again but
I can afford it and I know how much a plain ticket
is too :)
Yes but why does your mum think that for me?
Family company Ltd?
I am not as bad as she may think ,I am very honest
person and willing to meet you soon dear one
What is this family company Ltd?
Well she saw me very hurt by my x
That's the name that appears on my PayPal account
for the money I just sent you
Yes i can see,Your mum is been careful for you
about what your ex did to you but trust me am not
going to do anything bad to hurt you
Thank you so much my dear love and am so much
greatful to you for sending to have my passport r
My x walked out on me and the kids with no '
warning and a text message 15 years ago
Oh really,so where is your ex and your kids now,
so sad to hear this
Well the kids are grown up and renting rooms in my
house the other side of town. Who knows what my
x is doing. I know where she lives but I'm really interested
and neither are the kids which is a shame. I think she will
end up a lonely old woman
Yes i think so and dont worry she is gone out of your
way because am going to bring some joy and happiness
back to your life,Your wish will be my commands and will
stick to you in times of any situations
Anyway it's 1am here now and I have got to go to bed ill
speak to you tomorrow :) night
Yes good to have some sweet talks with you before Bed,
and hope to talk to you again in the morning before work,
Night Night
Have a sweet sound sleep to dream about us
been together.Bye For Now Love ??????
Text me when you wake up from bed my sweet
dear one
Good morning to You love
Dear are you awake,Can you please talk to me
before work?
Ahh good morning how was your night?
Was very good since i dreamt of us been together
Well let's hope so
Yes its shall truly come true since we have understood
to share ticket cost for us to meet soon,
So what time is it in Canada now? According to
Google its nearly 2 am
Yes it is and had a night shift so just back home
from work
I had to go to work after talking to you your at
your time 1am before you went to bed
Yes my dear ,so what are you going to do for rest
of the day?
It's about 7here so I've not had a lot of sleep.
Oh i see,so are you going back to sleep again or
will go build a roof today too?
Well today I'm off work and hopefully will get the
roof and doors on my workshop.. Its a bit annoying
as I left my van at work so don't have it to get
the wood to finish the roof
Oh i see,You should have brought it home so
could have use the van to pick them up like you
say now lol
So are you going back to sleep again for
sometime ?
Well I thought I was doing the right thing by leaving
it at work so they could get it serviced. As my van
is the largest at work I generally leave it there
when I'm on holiday
Oh i see,
Then you must try and go pick it up later to do
what you needed it for ,or will do so tomorrow?
I shall get up soon got some work to do to finish my
workshop. Need to borrow a tool to cut some bricks.
I'll probably get some wood delivered Friday and
finish it then
Oh ok my dear love
Got my planning application passed yesterday to build
my mother's extension so hopefully can start that next
I am happy so much to have your kind in my life,can
see you do lots of work to earn lots to make hence
meet and that is good of you
Yes and it will earn her also some money and even
support your families there
It's all a bit of fun, and I enjoy doing things with my
hands beats sitting in front of a computer. I have built
2 extensions now and this one I expect to take 6
months to a year then I shall probably move into it
until its needed
Oh i see ,so do you sell it after building it or you
take it to rent dear love?
Anyway I'm off to have a shower now so will speak later.
Hopefully we'll rent it out its mum's so I'll not see anything
from it but in Leatherhead where we live she should get a grand
a month for it and when I inherit her house ill be able to rent
it out so that's why I'm paying for it
Oh ok i do understand to what you say to me now,You are
very business minded man and like your so much hard work
to make hence meet,Was nice talking to you and hope to talk
to you later on
Take care of yourself till we meet again,Bye for now ??????
I don't know about business minded. Just look ahead and plan
for the worst. I came from a pretty poor family. Mum worked
all the hours she could to provide after my parents split up when
I was very young. I went off the rails as a child and got kicked
out of school. I was sent to Berrow Wood school Google it.
I was seriously abused there in my teens and its only this year
I get to tell my story in court. See lifeafterchildabuse.com.
So as you might imagine I find it really hard to trust people
but I was lucky in the recession and managed to buy a
smashed up house very cheap. I did it up and have never
looked back. You now know a lot more about me than
you might.
When I referred to my dad the earlier I was referring to my
stepfather my only real dad.
Oh i see ,i have read all the sweet words you have told me about you
and bit sad about your young at the berrow wood school.But
happy has also given you an experience in life by dealing with
people ,making you able to buy your self a houes for your own
I am happy you have a house and live at your personal home,
we going to hvae much lots to do in private at our own home
and no disturbances from landllords or ect Lol
:) it's raining so that's put pay to my carrying on with my workshop
busy tomorrow so I've only got Friday and Saturday to get as much
done as I can.
So are you still at home now?
Missed call from coog
16 Jan, 14:41
Yes am here now darling
How's your day been so far
Yes its been good and miss talking to you so much dear one
I'm covered in dirty water where it been raining and I've been
outside fixing some doors and windows into my shed. Not
got 1/2 as far as I'd hoped
What plans do you have for the rest of the day?
Oh i see and wish was there to support you do all that,we
gonna be true lovers to share everything we do lol
Yes i am so much greatful to you for the support of 80
pounds trough my pay pal account
Let's hope
I did got it in safe hands and went to the passport office here
today but its unfortunate its cost much tnan expected
Yes my dear love
Tell me all about it
Yes i went to the passport office and the total cost to get my
new passport cost almost 142pounds so was able to buy the
forms fil it and deposited the 80pounds so i must pay
additional 60pounds when its ready to go for it
Yes that is bit worry and dont know if can be able to support
me the additional 60pounds to get it when it ready ?

That's something I will have to have along think about
Oh really ,That is cool with me if must think about it before
supporting me
But is it hard to support the rest of 60pounds?
Well see when the time comes but I doubt it
Oh really but how do you doubts it,What makes you think so,
I am been honest with you for sure
Dear i am getting the passport in 3 days time and that is how
much it cost for urgent passport
I see makes sense
Yes my dear one so hopefully by friday or lately monday
should be able to get it from passport office
It's only money
Yes my dear but can you be able to support me the
60pounds by friday?
Maybe I'll have to look to see at over fit left at the
end of the week
Oh ok my dear one,am not in a rush on you to send
me money at all cost ok
Just want you to know the situation and how best we
get rest of 60pounds to pay to get it
Ok talk to you later on my dear,Needs to go and treat
some patients
hello you just finished work?
Yes i just got home from work
What are you doing there now?
wel its about 11pm over here and ive got to start at 6
for a 2 hour drive so going to bed soon
Oh i see,so you want to go to bed and wake
up early tomorrow around 6am right?
thats the plan. going to see the court im giving
evidence i, in april
Oh i see but what are you going to see the court
to give them evidence in april?
yes ive just been offered a tour of the courts so
i know what to expect.
Oh i see but what case are you trying to establish
with the court?
Did someone try to Offend you ?
no im giving evidence against a paedophile who
interfered with me when i was a child.
Oh i see,think you send me information about it
talking about child abuse
i did and i one day will tell my story, more about
the after effects and what you might call mental issues
the experience left me with. I can't tell my story until
the lolife is convicted.
Yes i can understand you and the way you feel
but are you going to be comoensated after the
court case?
i have already received compensation from some
government agency over hear anyway i just want o
tell my story in an attempt to help others who like
me experienced the same
Oh i see and that is very good of you,At least it may educate
the wrong dowers to stop the child abuse
well its a bit of a problem over hear and few victims
get heard
Yes but its good you have made it your duty to send out the
signal for warnings
Am so greatful to have such a good thinking person
i see it as the right thing to do. anyway ill have a chat
tomorrow as ive really got go to bed and get some
sleep. night
oh ok my darling,talk to you in the morning before
work ok
have a sweet sound sleep to dream about us been
together soon
Good morning to you Dear One
Missed call from coog
17 Jan, 17:15
Sorry missed your call been out all day driving miles
away. How's things going?
Yes i have been waiting so long here to talk to you
dear love,i really miss your sweet chat so much
Hope all is well there with you now my love
Yes been looking at the court today and I'm really looking
forward to having my say. Tomorrow its all about putting the
roof on my workshop. Then a weekend of rest and then
back to work.
Yes i can see that ,and hope work on your roofing was good ,
Also happy to hear you having your say at the court tomorrow ,
did you miss me?
I was a bit busy but I missed our little chats.
Yes did missed you all day and your sweet warn chats,wish to be
talking to you all times to keep us company till we meet together
to share our dream love
So are you at home now and what are you doing there now?
Should be good if your real and we do meet. I'm sitting with my
mother watching TV just had dinner and about to go out and buy
some cigarettes as I've run out. Then it's time for a shower.
Oh i see,so you smoke right,that is cool by me and wish was
there to watch the TV with you and mum,Go out with you to
buy the cigarettes and be back home for us to shower together
But please have told you several times that am real so stop
doubting me dear one
Now that sounds nice :)
Yes it does and i also trust you and wish to be with you soon,
Hope you are the right man for me and will treat me good
when we are together ?
I like to think I'm as genuine as they come and I respect women
with the possible exception of my ex. You can be pretty sure
I'll treat you well and with respect
I am so much happy to hear this sweet words from you and i
promise to love and care for you too,Your wish will be my
commands and will stick to you in times of any situations till
heavens come down
I want a man who will treat me same and also be able to
satisfy me well in bed for sure
I doubt that would be a problem. What preferences do
you have?
i love it DOGGY STYLE and you?
Can't say I have any particular preference but I do enjoy a
bit of ************* every now and again
Yes the whole of my body belongs to you to do whatever
please you with it for sure
I cant wait to be with you soon but the problem is if honestly
have enough to support for us to meet soon
I know that. But if your genuine and we do get along. I won't
own you and hope you can say if I do something disrespectful
without just living with it :)
Yes i am very genuine and will prove to you any time you want
me too,we may have misunderstanding at times but wont let
destroy us for us
I am going to show you a copy of my international canadian passport
if get it tomorrow but all depends upon you if will send me tomorrow
to get it and show you the copy
OK. It's late over there so I'll let you get to bed as I've got to
go out sleep well and good night :)
No its not late here ,we can still talk later when you back from
Its rather afternoon here because you almost 5hours ahead of me
But i want to know if possible going to send me tomorow to get
the passport or we wait till monday??????????
Time here is 1.22pm afternoon here now.
I'll send your £60 tomorrow as for my thinking it's past midnight
there that will teach me to ask Alexa :)
Good morning to you there now my Love
How was your sleep,Hope you slept well to dream about us been
together soon
Ahh good morning it's 5 30 over here and I'm not really awake yet.
Yes you can still sleep but text me soon as you wake up my dear love
Am sorry and hope i did not disturb your sleep?
Am back online now and hope you fully awake?
Hello and good morning I'm awake and just fitting the roof to my
workshop. This afternoon I hope to render the walls but will have to
go out and buy a few bits. What are you doing today?
just here online to speak to you
I miss talking to you so much
So what are you up to today any plans?
Yes waiting on you to go to the passport office
Yes I'll do that later I'm covered in dirt and muck right now so
can't use my pc when do you need it by?
oh ok then i have to wait till when ever you ready to send me,
must get it today because was told it ready to pick up
OK I'll do that when I get in front of the pc in 2 or 3 hours.
So is that all your doing today?
no after i get the money to pick up my passport,i will be back
home to relax for some hours and later go to work to treat
some patients
but i was asking if could send me 100pounds so can use the
rest of 40 for my personal use here ,but please dont be offended
I can't do that, it's a struggle finding £140as it is right now as
don't get paid till the 15th next month.
oh ok dont worry and get me the 60 to get my passport ,so
can support me little for my personal use may be on your next pay
That's not going to, happen till we meet and I confirm that I'm
not being scammed :)
Oh really,that make sense too,IF CANT SUPPORT MY
Sorry if that hit a nerve but we have not even met yet and I
am normally pretty tight so as we agreed earlier I'll help you with your
passport and I'll even front 1/2 a plane fare for you to come to the
UK so we can meet. I'll put you up for a while and we can then see
if we get along. If we don't then I'll pay for your return to Canada
and you've lost nothing. If we do get along then who knows where
we'll be.
WOW WOW very sweet lovely wise statement made to me and i
do agree 100 percent with you my dearly wise man,i adore your
presence in my life for the rest given to me
:) I'll speak later got to go to the DIY store to get some bits right now.
When I'm back I'll send you your £60 :)
oh ok my dear,how soon do you return?
A couple of hours
oh ok i will check on you in 2hours time
is that ok with you dear one?
hi ya how you doing?
Am fine and you,
Just finsih with my shower,already dress up
a tad annoyed as i need to go back to the DIY store as forgot something
so not going to get as far as I would have liked
i supposed apart from that i'm smiling
Oh i see,so i must wait till you back from the store before can
send me right?
no ive done it
Oh i see,so you have already sent the 60 pounds to my pay pal
I must know to check it from here
yes, where are you then?
I am at home and must now check trough my pay pal account
now because am talking to you here
ok anyway ive got to goback to the DIY store so will chat
later say in about 4 hours ?
Oh ok i am also going to cash out the 60p sent to me so can go
straight to the passport office
Yes soon as i get the passport i will try and show you a copy if it
Take care of yourself till we meet again

Any luck with the passport?
Yes am here now my dear one
I miss talking to you so much
How's your day been?
so hetic day and just got home ,from work,had to rush
to work to treat some accident patients
We're they badly hurt then?
Honestly speaking i got the money and went to the passport
office but couldt wait to even receive it because i had the
argunt call to go to work to treat the accident patint like
i said
Yes they were very very hurt and makes me not to feel
to eat ,i am getting passport on monday for sure
OK that's great. I had a motorcycle accident when I
was a teenager spent 2 months in hospital unconscious for
2weeks. They told my mum I would not make it. I hit a car
head on writing both it and my motor cycle off
Oh my GOD so sad to hear this and happy you still alive to
meet you in my life now,i am hoping you take very good care
of yourself there for me till we meet together to share our dream
love before death call us.Think it destiny for us to meet together.
Who knows but if what you say is as it is I look forward to
giving it a go
Do you have or want children?
Yesi do like to have children because am single,never been
married before and have no kids now looking for the right man
like you to relocate to him to share the rest of my life with him
May be 3 kids will be good for me
Now that sounds expensive. That said I would like to do it all
again. I get much pleasure from bringing up kids and would
like there to be a mother for them if I ever do it again.
Yes i am going to be your wife if should treat me good there
with you when we meet together,Told you am single and
never married before,
How many kids already have?
2boys in their 20's
Oh i see and am gonna be their next mother but wil have my
own kids wi th you too,let say 2 or 3 Lol
Why you never married? I should have thought you have many
offers as your about as pretty as it gets
Yes that is true ,lots of many offers but all of them are fake,just
after nude pics and dump you .But you are different ,now back
to your question.i never married because i was studying
for my
degree and also had fiance then but we broke up
What degree did you get /study for and how long ago did
you break up?
I have a degree in nursing and broke up almost 3years ago
Nursing is hard work! I've been on my own for 10years now.
I miss the obvious but I also more than that miss a best friend.
Yes i can see that and trust me its also been long time i fucked
my pussy,wish am there with you to give me a good night fuck
So for how long did you fuck some pussy ?
Now that sounds like a plan ??
Yes i think so and wish to meet you soon
So how long did you fuck some pussy?
Well I've had maybe 5 dates that got physical in the past 10
years but they meant nothing as my heart was not in it. My
last was about 2 years ago
Oh i see,and where are all this women from?
Dates generally blind dates from dating sites. But I found no l
ove well maybe I did once but my kids were young and I has
responsibilities to them so until they turned 18 my heart was
just not in it
Why did your engagement fail?
That stupid fiance of mine sneak behind me to have sex with
my friend
caught them red handed
That hurts sorry you experienced that but at least you were
not married with kids. Once a cheat always a cheat.
Yes that is why i broke up with him easily since we were
not legally married with any kids,so i had to find my way
and concerntrate on my degre till now am searching
Well sounds like you came out on top with the degree.
Good on you!
Yes i did and that is why am doing my service course as
and after am going to get my qualified certificate to apply
for a permanant job
Hope to find a good hospital at your end to apply for a
job there when we meet.
Sounds good buy hypothetical situation you come over
here say next or the month after and we hit it off I see
you knew what I was going to say
Yes exactly as i wish
We have the Royal Surrey hospital 1/4 mile away
Nursing pay over here is not great
Yes that is good,i am going to apply for a job there when am
there with you ,so can earn some money to support our living too
Not unless your very high qualified
Now that was in the wrong order
Yes i am a general nurse and very qualified to get a good pay
what wrong order are you trying to talk about my darling
My last 2 messages should have been one message not easy on this
Oh pk,hope we can still talk ?
So am i the only woman you have online now?
You are the only woman I am talking to for the past 3 or 4 months
Oh i see but what happens to the other ladies you met before me
Did you send any of them to come to you and they refuse?
They were just a few dates nothing serious back in 2ó
2009 there was a lady I could have got serious about
Oh ok
So you never met any serious one to have sent her money to come
to you accept me?
Yep. I googled your name and email address and found nothing so
if God is willing and it's the right thing to do it will happen
Yes it shall surely happen but what were you google my name and
email address for?
To see what my dear ?
If you were genuine I can't tell you the damage my x did to my
ability to trust people
Oh i see,what did your ex did to you,if can share with me?
So what did you find about me there at google.Bad or genuine?
Well after 15 years 2 kids (one a touch autistic) there were
problems at school and she without warning walked out on us
after an affair with a text message. I can't find anything about you
on the net so it would seem you may well be genuine:)
Saying that the picture of you holding your hair was pretty genuine
was it not
Yes i am very genuine and honest to be with you soon
Yes very genuine and pretty
That's good and I look forward to it. But it's 12.30and I
need some sleep so can't talk for much longer
Yes i think i must let you go to sleep so we contnue to
talk tomorrow morning your tim
OK night and sleep well:)
There is lots to talk about because i must know when
we are supposed to meet and how soon to raise the fund for ticket ok
OK talk it through tomorrow.
Yes i will do that,again must do a medical check up and get police reports
But we talk about all tomorrow
Have Good night and sound sleep to dream about us been together soon
Bye For Now ??????????

Good morning to you my darling
How was your night,Hope you slept well to dream about us
I am here now and miss talking to you so much
Missed call from coog
19 Jan, 08:16
now that's a shame
what a shame?
What are you talking about my dear?
well if you go to images.google.com and search for images matching
some of the images you have sent me they come up as an exact
match to a natily sparks scam
Yes that is true because they are not my real pictures ,i just use t
hat pictures to find the right man on the internet because lots of
men just ask for real pictures and dump them
Now i have found that you truly honest man ,am going to show
you my real pictures ok
sounds good
Yeah i cant be a fool to the fake men all the time here for
just sending them my real pics and after they dump me
So dont think am nathalia spark the scam but i just use her
pic to find the right man
so what do you really look like? and your passport?
Yes i am getting my passport on monday and soon am
sending you my real pics ok
Passport money is already payed for and am getting
it on monday
then i can see exactly who i am talking to?
Yes that is what am going to do for sure
ok Sounds good
Yes trying search my real pic to send you
i really do hope you are for real and genuine as i can tell
you i am but you should be aware i own the website
scammedornot.com that i registered a few years ago to
expose my sons school when they tried to manipulate me
into removing him from the school as they were not bothered
with a troubled child. the idea of the site was to allow jo public
to tell their story to the world. with images etc. My childhood
story about the abuse i experienced in my childhood was going
to be the cover story. If you are a scam which i hope you are
not you could be the cover story?
Yes not at all,i am not a scam and will never be a scam ,
i am very genuine woman and will do anything you ask of
me to prove you am very real with you,My problem is am
very young and black in complehension

That was way back when was schooling but now bit grown'
with an hair style of this coming image lOL

Well it was worth £140 to find out and now I have a story
for my front page. I hope you put the money to good use
Do you mean you not interested in me anymoree?
Is it because am black in colour?
nothing to do with you being black so dont play that card it
has to do with the fact I thought I was talking to somebody
totally different. One of my best friends is black and was
married to a white lady for a number of years. they had 2
children and he is very talented. helped me out no end when
i was going wayward with my loft conversion 11 years ago
Oh i see,That means you still interested in me for us to meet ?
We black womens too are very good and honest people ,Ok
no sorry i simply can't trust you
Why cant you trust me,Told you just use that picture of natalia
spark to find the right man,Now i have just sent you my real
pictures and willing to send more
But why not interested anymore because i said the truth?
there is a big difference between who you are and who you s
aid you were. now dont get me wrong because im not racist
or anything like that but i would find it very hard to have a
physical relationship with you as i would always be thinking
it started off on a lie. once a cheat always a cheat, once a thief
always a thief and one a liar you simply cant be trusted and so on.
Oh i do understand your point now but at least have told you my s
ide of point that made me lied about my pics because lots of men
ask for my pics and after dump me so just did use that pic to
find the right man like you i have in hand now
Feel so bad it has to en d this way beause i said the truth now
Yeah but i can be trusted and can call you so we see each other
on cam for you to tryst me
i wish you well in the future and hope you can take something
from this. people my age have tried most things and a lot of us
you find on dating sites are genuine and have been hurt. that is
often why we are on dating sites. once trust is broken especally
in such a way as this most good people who lets not forget have
a past will simply walk away. now im sorry you felt the need to
represent yourself as somebody else to get a date and im sorry
you as good as sold yourself to me to keep my interest and im
sure you are worth a lot more than that. especally if you really
do have the degree
Yes i do have the degree my love and am so much happy for
your concern but hope we can still work things out to meet for sure
Hello again if your near a pc check out scammedornot.com my
website. Its a work in progress right now.
Ahh good morning so what do you think of my website?
Hey me again updated my website should have it finished by the
end of the week. Then I can point PayPal and Google to it what
do you think? Scammedornot.com
So what do you think of the website?
Am happy to meet you back online
Yes its a very good site and happy you able to come up
with that idea
You never know when I finish it and advertise it in a high
street newspaper I might make a few quid
Oh really,so are you going to earn money out of it and
why did you paste my name there?
Am reading trough the site now
Because you scammed me out of £140 I hope you put
the money to good use. And I could still be talking to a
teenager in London? If you were who you made yourself
out to be things might have been different. If you were not
the pretty white girl in the picture you clearly know her and
are probably not the black lady you say you are. Now I
need a story for my front page and with the greatest r
espect to you your it. Maybe when Google and PayPal
get hold of it they will have something to say?
You don't get it do you and there is no need to shout
the simple fact is you led me to believe I was talking to and
sending my hard earnt money to somebody else. Now don't
get me wrong if you are the black nurse desperate to get in
the UK I'm sorry life has dealt you that card but this is a
textbook scam.
I'm sure you like the rest of us want the right partner to be with
for the long term but making yourself out to be a pretty white girl
is a far cry from being a black nurse. Now don't get me wrong it's
got nothing to do with colour but I was not expecting it. If you black
be proud of it as in God's eyes colour makes no difference. There
are plenty of people in the UK who would show an interest in you
but I'm sorry to say I'm not one of them simply because I can't trust
Sorry that's out of the question now.
Because I want a relationship built on trust love respect and not
just sex.
Am not a bad person ok
Once trust is lost its gone once respect is lost its gone once both
have gone you only have unwanted sex and by that I mean to say
I could only have a physical relationship with a lady if all were there.
I don't think your a bad person but you are not honest are you?
Anyway I've got to go to work tomorrow so off to bed now good night
nihjt night
You there?
Missed call from coog
21 Jan, 12:40
Yes i am not a bad person like you say and also very honest woman
who is ever willing to do anything you ask of me to prove my reality
to you for us to meet together to share our sweet dream love Ok
Yes am here now and have been waiting to talk to you so much dear
I have got my passport and waiting to talk to you about it soon
Missed call from coog
21 Jan, 16:08
Missed call from coog
21 Jan, 16:24
OK take a scan/photo of your passport and send it to me so I can
guarantee its you I'm talking to. :) and I'm sure your not a bad person
but would you not agree what you have done is a bad thing? And the
chances of it being only me you have done this to is very remote? No?
Yes am very honest person and not bad person at all,i am so much
happy you have now given me the chance again to prove my self to you
so where is the passport?
hello my dear one
Yes am here now
Missed call from coog
22 Jan, 22:49
Missed call from coog
22 Jan, 22:55
Missed call from coog
22 Jan, 23:22
So where is the passport?
Yes have been out of network since yesterday and soon am a
ttouching my passport to mail to send you
How are you doing there now?
I'm off to bed soon
oh really
so what have you been doing .di you miss talking to me?
Your not the person I thought you were are you?
Yes am honestly not the person in the first pics i gave you
which you saw them at scammer list but honestly am the
black woman sent you later my real pic
I know and I can't find that picture anywhere else on the
Internet but you had £140out of me thinking you were a
pretty white girl who wanted me sex and all that and your
not that girl are you?
Yes but i hope you still interesyed in me be a pretty black
woman and ever willing to please you,you gonna like me
so much when you see more current pictures of me
I am very pretty expensive black woman ok
Missed call from coog
23 Jan, 07:46
You there?

Yes my passport scan to send just now

Yes a small video of me to prove my reality
Yes finding it hard to send my video but am still on it
Did you see my passport Mr Darren?
Dear darren you are taking so long to respond to me and am
wondering why ?
I was shocked you actually did that. It has little to do with race
or colour but your a far cry from the lady I thought I was
talking to in the beginning. I'm glad you got your passport
and hope you find someone who will be able to give you
all you deserve but it's not going to be me. I'm sure there
are many available men in the world who would be more
than interested but for me this started out on a pretty big
misrepresentation on your part and I would never be able
to trust you. That said you do look quite pretty but your
not I'm sorry to say for me. I do seriously wish you all
the best and I'm sure your worth it to the right person.
My advice for what it's worth is to represent as a black lady
to start with your black and be proud of it! Your as important
and as worthy as any other person wealth or not. Don't be
fearful of showing yourself as you are from the start.
Yes but i feel bad after roving my self to you ,still not interested
for us to meet,do i look ugly for your liking,what at all is making
you say all this to me,Black women are also good people and
deserve same love and treatment you give to the white,still feel
bad it end sthis way

Why are you so silent to me now or you dont want to talk
to me anymore?
I do seriously feel for you that you are in a place where you
feel its OK to gain a partner by misrepresenting yourself as
you did. I have been hurt myself by others who misrepresent
themselves and its never going to happen again. I'm glad my
money was put to good use and not just pocketed by your
average con artist. That said I do not think it appropriate for
us to continue to talk as you want something I can't give you.
Whilst you're pretty attractive I could never love you because
I would always see the other lady I was originally interested in.
Oh i see,so you are not even interested for us to talk to each
other anymore right?
At least i have been able to prove my self to you that am the
rightful person i claim to be after founding out the other fake pic
i use procliaming to be me,so if have done that for you why do
you still think am bad person so because of that you no more
going to love and care for me,Was it the only pictures you were
interested in or In me as a person to meet face to face?
I am going to kill my self because you have broking my heart so bad
I dont think your a bad person i do think you have a poor idea of
right and wrong. after I fell for the white girl in the picture to the point
i threw all caution to the wind by sending her £140 ok not a great
deal of money you turned out to be somebody totally different.
Now it I was not expecting it would you not agree you might
well have broken my heart? As for the suggestion I broke your
heart and you are contemplating suicide? How many others
have you done thids to and what would you have done if I
had not worked things out for myself?
Yes i am very committed to you now and cant stand to loose
you because you have honestly stolen my heart by trying to
show honesty to me by supporting me to get my passport and
now all is set for us to buy ticket to meet,becausr you know find
my real honest identity so you want to just dump me,this should
tell you we have something in common that is why GOD made
you to support me have my passport so we could meet together
What are you doing there now?
Yes am here now dear Darren
Yes am here now and hope all is wel with you
Missed call from coog
24 Jan, 08:07

Yes please talk to me Love
How are you doing there now Lov
Can you please talk to me even if not interested in me anymore?
Am so much committed to you now
dear please talk me because am online just for you
why are you trying to break my heart now?
Can you please talk to me ?????????
Did i said something bad to You?
Can you please talk to me/?
Yes am here now dear friend
Sorry for delay,had to rush to go treat patient
Oh Taught you were responding to me
What at all have i done to you for refusing to talk to me?
So do you think what you are doing to me is fair?
Do you think i can intentionally do this to you?
Yes am here now wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Missed call from coog
27 Jan, 18:58
Missed call from coog



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