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A story on Daniel Graveling web design ( by Derrick Warnett

Years ago, after being as far as I was concerned stitched up by an individual, I had an idea. Everybody knows reputation matters good or bad and there are some people out there who do a really good job just as there are some who promise the world and deliver at a cost very little.

I think most people have been stitched up at some point either on a dating site, poor garage repair or buying something unfit for purpose. I mean to say you can go to a comparison site to find the best holiday operator but who do you think pays for the adverts on some of these sites? There hardly going to tell you A N Other holidays are a load of rubbish if A N Other holidays pay for the adverts are they?
It was quiet a simple formula NO adverts! I find nothing more annoying than reading an article broken into sections with adverts between.

My client must be able to promote THEIR story / review without anybody else’s story getting in the way.

My client must be able to remove their story / review.

The subject of my client’s story / review must be given the right of reply.

No bad language or identifying any minors etc.

So, for example company a stiches up client b. So, client b writes their review, I’ve been stitched up by company a. webmaster reviews the story for language or identification of minors either passes story or rejects it.

Rejected story / review goes back to author with reason for rejection, client gets to edit story and resubmit it.

Passed story / review, story gets published and the website informs company a of story / review. Company a can now either thank client b for their review say if it’s a good one, sort out any problems or stand their ground saying this client is being unreasonable.

Let’s say it’s a positive review, everybody’s happy 😊

Let’s say it’s a negative review company a can sort thing out with client b everybody’s happy😊 and client b can update or remove their review.

Let’s say client b is being unreasonable, company a can stand their ground and have the right of reply.

Lets say client b wants to advertise their review maybe in a newspaper or online, they can advertise it like this where 10 denotes their page on the site and storytitle can be anything they like as anything written after the 10 is immaterial as the site will shows story 10 and take no notice of anything after the number.

So with no adverts where do I make money? Well hopefully enough people will pay to have their story upgraded to premium for more exposure. Maybe its bad business but the site is about providing a service and making money comes way down on the list.

Well you try and put that together with only basic HTML experience. It took weeks and I’m pleased to say cost less than expected.

I think Daniel did a great job.



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