The story that inspired this site

A story on A Struggling parent with no support ( by Derrick Warnett

I was sexually abused in my childhood, can't hide from it any more. I tried that for many years and went quiet mental doing it.

Well the paedophile was jailed this year (2019) but my story is more about dealing with do as little as possible, pass the buck school staff and social workers. The picture is of Barry Hastings, the convicted paedophile who left me damaged and unable to cope with school problems when it came to my own children..

There is nothing I regret about having children. Some of the best and most rewarding times I have ever had have come as a result of my interactions with my children. The challenges of teaching them right from wrong and encouraging them to make good choices.

So 2007 came and it was time to plan for their future. With the greatest respect to others who see things differently for me after my own childhood experiences getting my children into the best school possible was about the most important thing to do. A good education really can in my opinion set you up for life. A poor education the opposite.

My eldest son 11 in 2007 is a touch autistic and anybody who has had dealings with special needs children should understand what a challenge it can sometimes be. Speaking for myself, you have your own support network of people and maybe companies or churches you turn to for help and support. The problem for me came when G***** A**** School in Guildford refused point blank to make a phone call for my son to about the only support i had at the time, this his scout leader. As their not our job if we can pass it off to somebody else attitude took hold they quiet simply drove me around the bend and I got very mentally ill, what with my own childhood memories getting in the way. As I was getting ill my wife was running for the hills so the only support i had with my child came from his scout leader. By the time G***** A**** School and the social workers forced onto our family who also refused to contact my sons scout leader had falsely accused me of abusing the lad the shit hit the fan and it was marriage over. CAMHS who had not even met him or me were reportedly by this social worker i wanted nowhere hear him suggesting he should be in care. It was a nightmare and I knew I was right on the edge of a nervous breakdown. It was too late to rescue my marriage after my 5th request of the school to contact the lads scout leader was met with "That's not our job, speak to the social worker.there has been an abuse allegation" Like any reason to pass the buck to somebody else. Eventually after things were sorted out (something that could have been done on the phone months earlier) I asked for an apology. What do you think happened?

So I thought how may I be able to support others in a similar situation? You know like if you get the vibe you are being scammed or stitched up yet have put a lot of time, money and effort into something, someone, a school or company who promise the world in the sales pitch and are really just trading off their reputation offering very little?

Then i came up with the idea for this site.



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