What a great DIY/Builders merchant !

A story on Wickes Guildford (www.wickes.co.uk/store/8385) by John Western

So I was building an extension a short while ago and the building regulations specified lots of insulation as they do. £1200 seemed to be the norm. I found some insulation online for I think it was £800 but buying from a complete stranger in a company in the middle of nowhere with few ratings seemed unwise. I heard Wickes do a price match so i rather called their bluff thinking they would never match an internet price. Not only did they match it they bettered it by 10%. Not only that you don't have to find the infernal pound coin to use one of their trolleys. Their tool section does whilst rather sparse by compassion to some others have all the tools that I need on display and their prices are pretty good too.


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