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A story on R A Robertson & Sons (www.robbo.co.uk) by John Western

I'm a landlord. I rent out 3 flats and a maisonette in Guildford and it came time to update various products. 2 Washing machines a fridge freezer, dishwasher and I also needed the electrical system checked out.

I knew about Robertson's from way back when they repaired my mothers washing machine in the 80's and thought I'd give them a call. Well there was no way I could get a new washing machine up 2 flights of stairs on my own. 2 guys came out and nothing was a problem, well a bit of huffing and puffing as the washing machine going up into the loft was as good as the same width as the stairs. They even arranged a plumber as I needed some alterations done to the drains owing to the fact the builder who did the loft conversion made a total pigs ear of things. They even found me a Gas inspector to do my landlords certificate for the boiler and they provided me with an electrical inspection / certificate for the house wiring. I rather expected them to be expensive but was well pleased with the quote and discount they gave me for buying 4 appliances at the same time. No really I could not recommend them highly enough.


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